Paul H. Kelner, LCSW-c

Paul H. Kelner, LCSW-C

Treatment for Compulsive Sexual Behavior

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Sexual Addiction Treatment Services

Sexual Addiction Assessment and Treatment

If you are having problems with controlling your sexual or cybersex behavior, help is available. I am specially trained in a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to assess and treat compulsive sexual or cybersex behavior.

Your treatment will include individual and/or group sessions, as well as referral to an appropriate 12-Step program, to support your recovery. I also can arrange admission to an appropriate residential treatment program, if indicated.

Aftercare Services to Prevent Relapse

If you have recently completed a residential treatment program for sexual addiction, your recovery has just begun. Sustained and successful recovery will require your continuing involvement in individual, group and, possibly, couples therapy, as well as ongoing participation in a 12-Step program.

Couples Therapy

Many couples who have difficulty resolving issues on their own find that consulting with a professional therapist can be helpful. Couples typically seek help in resolving communication problems, infidelity, low or high sexual desire and parenting issues.

Counseling for Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts

If you are the partner or spouse of a sex addict, you may not know where to turn for help and support. Counseling can help you to deal with your concerns, your emotions, your relationship, your family and your future.

Support Groups for Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts

I conduct support groups for partners and spouses of sex addicts. Meeting with others who share your concerns and have experienced the heartbreak of infidelity can be instrumental in your own recovery. Please contact my office link to contact page to learn about upcoming groups.

Individual Psychotherapy

In addition to assisting persons with sexual addiction problems, I provide individual psychotherapy to persons with depression, anxiety, adjustment, parenting and marital issues.